Health promotion

On these pages you can find evidence and resources relating to health promotion.

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The Valuing Nature Programme Demystifying Health paper introduces the concept of health, reviewing some common understandings of the idea and its usages, introducing key theories and schools of thought. The paper focuses on health in the UK, how it is protected, promoted and improved, and how we assess and measure health.

The Health Foundation’s resources on What Makes Us Healthy and seperate resources of key determinants of health

What Works Wellbeing resources for Promoting better wellbeing

World Health Organisation intriduction to Health promotion

NHS introduction to Treating and preventing ill health

Health Education England’s guidance on Population health and prevention

PHE’s Population Health portal


Elwell Sutton et al. 2020) Improving the nation’s health The future of the public health system in England The Health Foundation, London.

Lovell, N., & Bibby, J. (2018). What makes us healthy? An introduction to the social determinants of health. The Health Foundation, London.

Systematic reviews

Primary papers


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