Links and resources

Here are some links and resources relevant to the project that we think are useful, or at least a little interesting. Suggestions welcome!

Secondary data sources

Economic and Social Data Service – soon to become part of the UK Data Service

Census Support Service – also to become part of UKDS

Key relevant secondary datasets

Understanding Society

The Census

British Household Panel Survey

National Child Development Study (1958 birth cohort)

Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment

Analysis and Methods

Quantum GIS – open source GIS

ESRC National Centre for Research Methods

Secondary data issues and interesting thoughts

Blog post by Danny Dorling on Why we need a Census


  1. Hi could you add the Understanding Society website to your resources. Many thanks!

  2. […] authors analysed a sample of Natural England’s Monitor of Engagement with the Natural environment dataset and found that urban and rural greenspaces and coastal environments with designated status were all […]

  3. […] White and colleagues at ECEHH have published research using Natural England’s Monitor of Engagement with the Natural environment’ (MENE) data which suggests that there is a relationship between neighbourhood greenspace and reported physical […]

  4. […] know who is not visiting natural environments and why that might be. New research from ECEHH using Natural England’s MENE dataset has explored these […]

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