Health inequalities

On these pages you can find evidence and resources relating to health inequalities.

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NHS Definitions of Health Inequalties

Kings Fund (2020) What are health inequalties?

The Health Foundation’s evdeince hub on Health Inequalties

PHE’s (2021) Inequalties fingertips tool


Marmot, M. (2021) Health Equity in England: The Marmot Review 10 Years On. The Health Foundation

ONS (2021) Health Inequalties

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Systematic reviews

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Primary papers

Gibson, K., Pollard, T. M., & Moffatt, S. (2021). Social prescribing and classed inequality: A journey of upward health mobility?. Social Science & Medicine, 280, 114037.

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Abdallah, S., Wheatley, H., & Quick, A. (2017). Drivers of wellbeing inequality: Inequalities in life satisfaction across local authorities in Great Britain. What Works Wellbeing

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