Projects pages

Longitudinal green-blue space exposure project

Pages relating to the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Public Health Research funded project which is investigating whether changes in the green and blue spaces we are exposed to effect long-term wellbeing and mental health.

Informing environmental investment for health project

Pages relating to our South West Partnership for Environmental and Economic Prosperity (SWEEP)/NERC funded project which aims to improve cross-sectoral understanding of how environmental investment contributes to health and lead to greater inter-sectoral coordination in planning, designing and managing environments for health outcomes.

Therapeutic Nature project

Pages relating to our Defra funded project to identify what works in the use of nature-based therapeutic interventions for people with an identifiable mental illness. It is closely aligned with the MRC funded Nature on Prescription project.

Nature on Prescription project

Pages relating to our Medical Research Council funded project to develop a nature-on-prescription group intervention for people with common mental health conditions.

Dorset Public Health project

Pages relating to our collaboration with Dorset Public Health which aims to better understand the health benefits of the natural environment for Dorset’s communities.

Urban greenspace valuation toolkit project

Pages relating to our Innovate UK funded project which aims to develop an urban greenspace valuation toolkit to help decision makers more accurately assess the multiple benefits of green infrastructure.

Defra project

Pages relating to Becca’s Fellowship and subsequent projects funded by Defra which focus on the interconnections between the natural environment and health, and the ways in which these are, or could be harnessed in policy and practice.

Health Protection Research Unit in Environmental Change & Health

Pages relating to the NIHR-funded HPRU in Environmental Change and Health, a collaboration between the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Public Health England, the University of Exeter, University College London, and the Met Office.

Bluehealth projects

Pages relating to bluespace projects based at ECEHH including the H2020 funded Blue Health and SOPHIE projects.

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