Evaluation methods

On these pages you can find evidence and resources relating to evaluation methods.

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A paper which paper aims to unpack quantitative measures of health & wellbeing to demonstrate the value of the natural environment for human health & wellbeing for the natural capital community Cracknell, D, Lovell, R, Wheeler, B and White, M. 2019. Demystifying Health Metrics, Valuing Nature Paper VNP19

The What Work Wellbeing Centre’s pages on measuring wellbeing impact

Better Evaluation resources on methods and processes of evaluation

The Government’s Introduction to Evaluation

The Evaluation Society’s Good Practice Guidelines

The Heritage Lottery Fund’s Evaluation Guidance

Catalogue of mental health measures (2020)


Craig, P., Dieppe, P., Macintyre, S., Michie, S., Nazareth, I., & Petticrew, M. (2008). Developing and evaluating complex interventions. Medical Research Council.

Systemtic reviews

Breedvelt, J. J., Zamperoni, V., South, E., Uphoff, E. P., Gilbody, S., Bockting, C. L., … & Kousoulis, A. A. (2020). A systematic review of mental health measurement scales for evaluating the effects of mental health prevention interventions. European journal of public health.

Primary papers

McGill E, Er V, Penney T, Egan M, White M, Meier P, Whitehead M, Lock K, de Cuevas RA, Smith R, Savona N (2021) Evaluation of public health interventions from a complex systems perspective: a research methods review. Social Science & Medicine. 11:113697.

Meyer ML, Louder CN, Nicolas G. (2021) Creating With, Not For People: Theory of Change and Logic Models for Culturally Responsive Community-Based Intervention. American Journal of Evaluation. 2021 Jun 29:10982140211016059.

Goodwin VA, Hill JJ, Fullam JA, et al. (2019) Intervention development and treatment success in UK health technology assessment funded trials of physical rehabilitation: a mixed methods analysis. BMJ Open 2019;9:e026289. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2018-026289 

O’Cathain, A., Croot, L., Duncan, E., Rousseau, N., Sworn, K., Turner, K. M., … & Hoddinott, P. (2019). Guidance on how to develop complex interventions to improve health and healthcare. BMJ open, 9(8), e029954.

Skivington, K., Matthews, L., Craig, P., Simpson, S., & Moore, L. (2018). Developing and evaluating complex interventions: updating Medical Research Council guidance to take account of new methodological and theoretical approaches. The Lancet, 392, S2.


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