Cost-benefit and economic values

On these pages you can find evidence and resources relating to cost-benefit and economic values of green social prescribing.

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Social prescribing

Bertotti, M., & Temirov, O. (2020). Outcome and economic evaluation of City and Hackney Social Prescribing scheme.

Polley, M. J., & Pilkington, K. (2017). A review of the evidence assessing impact of social prescribing on healthcare demand and cost implications.

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Dayson, C., & Bashir, N. (2014). The social and economic impact of the Rotherham Social Prescribing Pilot: main evaluation report.

Nature based activities

Bagnall, A., Freeman, C., Southby, K., & Brymer, E. (2019). Social return on investment analysis of the health and wellbeing impacts of Wildlife Trust programmes. Leeds Beckett University: Leeds, UK.

Mersey Forest (undated) Measuring the return from investment in the Natural Health Services

Willis, K., Crabtree, B., Osman, L. M., & Cathrine, K. (2016). Green space and health benefits: A QALY and CEA of a mental health programme. Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy, 5(2), 163-180.

CJC Consulting (2016) Branching Out Economic Study Extension

Wilson, N. W., Jones, R., Fleming, S., Lafferty, K., Knifton, L., Cathrine, K., & McNish, H. (2011). Branching out: The impact of a mental health ecotherapy program. Ecopsychology, 3(1), 51-57.

Natural Environment

Alternative funding for green spaces: A summary report of the breadth of funding mechanisms available for green infrastructure and the activities provided in these spaces. You can download the report from the SWEEP project pages.

The value of blue-space recreation and perceived water quality across Europe: A contingent behaviour study (2021) T Börger, D Campbell, MP White, LR Elliott, LE Fleming… Science of The Total Environment, 771, 145597

Wellbeing and society: Towards quantification of the co-benefits of wellbeing (2019) A Maccagnan, S Wren-Lewis, H Brown, T Taylor. Social Indicators Research. 15;141(1):217-43.

Valuing the health benefits of physical activities in the marine environment and their importance for marine spatial planning (2016) E Papathanasopoulou, MP White, C Hattam, A Lannin, A Harvey, … Marine Policy 63, 144-152

Recreational physical activity in natural environments and implications for health: A population based cross-sectional study in England. (2016) MP White, LR Elliott, T Taylor, BW Wheeler, A Spencer, A Bone, … Preventive Medicine 91, 383-388

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