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Take part in the RENEW Window View Survey

As part of the RENEW project, we are asking people to take part in a survey all about the views from windows in your homes or workplaces. To take part, you can simply upload a picture of your view and answer a few questions about its importance to you.  Looking at nature through a window […]

New paper: Applying an ecosystem services framework on nature and mental health to recreational blue space visits across 18 countries

The latest paper from the now completed BlueHealth project has been published Open Access in the journal Scientific Reports. The findings provide valuable insights into how different aspects of blue space visits can influence people’s reported mental well-being. Ecosystem services (ESS) are the contributions to individuals and society that result from the natural environment and […]

New paper: A typology for urban Green Infrastructure

The latest paper from the REGREEN project has been published Open Access in the journal Nature-Based Solutions. It sets out a typology of urban Green Infrastructure which aims to help design and plan new Green Infrastructure. The paper was led by Prof Laurence Jones from UKCEH, and involved several co-authors from the University of Exeter. […]