Therapeutic Nature: Call for Evidence

We are looking for information on nature based therapies for people with diagnosed mental health conditions from anyone involved with the commissioning, referral or delivery of the interventions.


Call for Evidence

Are you involved in delivering or referring to nature-based therapies aimed at people with diagnosed mental health conditions? If so, the European Centre for Environment and Human Health needs your help!

Types of information we need

We would like to collect:

  • Details of the nature-based therapies and programmes offered to people with diagnosed mental health conditions in Devon, Newcastle or West Yorkshire areas* irrespective of existing evaluations. We are primarily interested in current provision but please do share information on past projects and programmes too.
  • Evaluations of the impacts or process of nature-based therapies and programmes from anywhere in the UK (which you have permission to share with us).

* These are our case study locations where we will map provision. Projects operating outside of these areas, but which are targeted at these populations are also relevant. If you are in doubt about the relevance of your location please get in touch anyway!

If you think you have any information that fits the bill please drop us a line with your name, contact details, organisation, and a very brief description of what you do to:

As part of the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan the Therapeutic Nature research project, funded by Defra, aims to help identify how we can best use the natural environment as a resource for preventative and therapeutic health programmes. Specifically focusing on provision for people with identifiable mental illness, we will investigate what works in terms of nature-based therapies, how they work, and for whom.

The outputs will be used to better understand successes and pitfalls of these types of programmes, in order to inform wider practice.



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  1. Hi, When’s the deadline for submitting evidence?

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