New PhD: greenspace and child health

Ben has a new PhD opportunity to be based here at ECEHH in Truro.

Using birth cohorts to understand the impact of urban green space on child health and wellbeing

This interdisciplinary project will investigate the impact of the environments in which children grow up on their health and wellbeing. It will use systematic review, geographical and epidemiological methods, and two UK birth cohorts (the Children of the 90’s (ALSPAC) and the Born in Bradford cohort) to investigate the role of urban green space in shaping child and adolescent physical and mental health.



This studentship is funded through GW4 BioMed MRC Doctoral Training Partnership. It consists of full UK/EU tuition fees, as well as a Doctoral Stipend matching UK Research Council National Minimum (£14,777. for 2018/19, updated each year) for 3.5 years.

Additional funding, known as the Research Training and Support Grant, of between £2,000 to £5,000 per annum (dependent on the research requirements of the project), is available over the course of the programme. This is to cover costs such as research consumables, training, conferences and travel. Additional funds are also available for high-cost training/research and there is a biannual opportunity to bid for funds in connection with high cost or exceptional training opportunities, such as courses and placements.

A training grant of £300 per annum is also awarded.

How to apply.

Applications by the 7th of June.

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