Natural England evidence summaries

Becca has been working with Natural England to produce a series of evidence briefings on the relationships between the natural environment and a range of outcomes. The notes are aimed at and intended to inform policy makers, practitioners, practice enablers (such as Natural England, Natural Resources Wales etc.), local decision makers, and the wider research community.

In addition to summarising current evidence, the notes highlight some of the implications for future policy, service delivery and research. The approach taken to producing the notes is detailed in the methodology, glossary and evaluation note.

The notes cover mental healthphysical activity, obesity, physiological health, education and learning, and connection to nature. The notes can be downloaded from Natural England’s evidence gateway or using the links below.

Mental health

Physical activity


Physiological health


Connection to nature


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  2. […] now have a relatively robust body of evidence which has demonstrated that spending time in greener environments is associated with better health […]

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