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International Day for Biological Diversity 2016

Sunday the 22nd of May is International Day for Biological Diversity 2016, this year’s theme is ‘Mainstreaming Biodiversity; Sustaining People and their Livelihoods’. The United Nations and Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD) state: Biodiversity is the foundation for life and for the essential services provided by ecosystems. It therefore underpins peoples’ livelihoods and sustainable development in […]

Going greener: does the natural environment really help health and wellbeing?

Ben Wheeler contributed an article to the latest edition of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s magazine ‘Frontline’. In the article Ben considers the evidence for how natural environments relate to health outcomes. It has long been thought that interacting with natural environments can benefit health and wellbeing. For example, the restorative potential of urban parks […]

Arguing for the value(s) of natural environments to health

Yesterday I was in Northampton to present at the Greener Northants LNP annual conference. I discussed our research, and that of others such as CRESH, and tried to argue that the environment (alongside many other features of our societies and communities) should be recognised (and valued) for it’s role in promoting, supporting or damaging our […]

How do we conceptualise people’s exposures to natural environments?

Some of the team have just returned from this year’s excellent International Medical Geography Symposium , and it was a good opportunity to think about this project’s geographical approach to estimating people’s ‘exposure’ to natural environments. In trying to figure out relationships between natural environments and health and wellbeing,we’re taking a pretty typical epidemiological approach […]

The value of small area data from the Census

Beyond Greenspace relies heavily on small area census data, as do many health geography research projects. Given current discussions around whether or not the UK will ever have another census (—projects/beyond-2011/index.html), it seems timely to reflect on how we are using these datasets for this project and related work, and where we might be without […]

Beyond Greenspace – Project Summary

Background There is growing interest in understanding how natural environments may support good health and wellbeing. Researchers have investigated effects of natural spaces on health behaviours, physical and mental health, and socio-economic health inequalities. Generally, positive relationships are demonstrated, and some explanatory theories for positive effects have been proposed. These include provision of locations and […]