MSc in Environment & Human Health – now online for distance learning

Photos of trucks in a flood; people recreating in a park; a woman enjoying a sunflower; a forest fire. Photos by Jéan Béller; Og Mpango; Ignacio Brosa; Mel Elías on Unsplash

We have delivered the University of Exeter MSc in Environment and Human Health from our base in Cornwall, UK since 2012. This programme is strongly linked with the research of the European Centre for Environment and Human Health, including that of the Beyond Greenspace team, and is delivered primarily by Centre academic staff. We teach about the complexity of relationships between the environment and human health covering issues such as climate change, air pollution, microbes, social inequalities and access to green and blue spaces. Students are supported to critically analyse evidence from a range of qualitative and quantitative sources, and a substantial proportion of the programme is dedicated to a research dissertation project for students to follow their own interests and focus on the skills and knowledge they want to develop.

As with much education globally, the programme has been delivered primarily online over the last couple of years. As an education team, we’ve weighed up the pros and cons and have decided to now deliver our MSc as an online-only programme (with two 1-week intensive in-person sessions). Our approach will facilitate students to study from wherever you are in the world, and part-time registration is structured to permit study alongside existing work or other commitments where feasible.

We know that some students will miss the opportunity to engage in-person during the programme, but it will include plenty of opportunities for interaction with each other and lecturers using the technologies that so many of us have become familiar with since 2020. We’re also excited that the online learning is augmented by two intensive in-person weeks: Foundation Week (Autumn term) and Dissertation Week (Spring/Summer term), both delivered at the beautiful Penryn campus in Cornwall. Foundation Week will really set the scene for your study, allowing you to meet fellow students and teaching staff and to get started on some of the foundational material for the MSc. Dissertation Week will bring us back together to work on developing dissertation project plans and research, and to consolidate learning from across the programme. These weeks will also give you the opportunity to see some of our amazing home here in Cornwall!

Sunset on the coast of Cornwall

For more information and to register, check out the MSc Environment and Human Health webpages. For any questions about the programme, contact us at

A note for international students: due to the small amount of on-campus time, the University is unable to issue Confirmations of Acceptance for Study (CAS) for this programme, so participants will not be able to apply for a Student Visa to study locally in the UK. However, it will be possible to travel to the UK for the two in-person weeks using a standard visitor visa. More information for international students at the University of Exeter is here.

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