Alternative funding for green spaces webinar and report

The SWEEP Investing in Nature for Health project team developed a summary report of the breadth of funding mechanisms available for green infrastructure and the activities provided in these spaces.

The report includes examples of some traditional, but mainly alternative, funding streams, and presents case studies that highlight their successful application. The report also raises wider questions about what we value as a society and how we might achieve more creative, cross-sectoral and sustainable models of funding, suitable for different stakeholder groups and applicable at scale.

You can download the report from the SWEEP project pages.

In March 2021 we held a webinar which focused on different approaches that can help to fund the provision of green spaces such as parks, public gardens and nature areas. We were lucky to be joined by four very eminent speakers, each with their own experience of the topic to share their insight:

  • Cathi Farrer, Foundation Manager, Bournemouth Parks Foundation
  • Nick Grayson, Green City Manager, Birmingham City Council
  • Dan Hird, Head of Corporate Finance, Triodos Bank
  • Ian Mell, Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester

You can watch the recording of the webinar on the SWEEP pages.

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