Launching the SWEEP Investing in Nature for Health hub & forum

The SWEEP Investing in nature for health project are excited to officially launch the Investing in Nature for Health hub and forum.

The SWEEP Investing in Nature project is specifically addressing government’s need for greater understanding of how investing in the environment can benefit our health. Working with partners across the South West, it informs and supports activities that provide benefits to health and wellbeing, and the environment.

THE HUB is a space for anyone interested in understanding how investment in the environment can impact public health and wellbeing, whether you’re a health and social care professional, environmental manager, or from a local planning authority. It aims to build a cross-sectoral network of interested stakeholders in the South West and beyond, providing a space for talking, exchanging ideas, sharing best practice and policy, accessing the latest resources and staying connected with upcoming events.

THE FORUM is a message board within the hub, designed for asking questions about investing in nature for health and connecting with others working in the southwest.

What’s on the hub already?

•             Recordings from the SWEEP Investing in nature for health webinar series

•             Reports and publications on the health benefits of green space

•             Upcoming events

The team would love to hear from you – please use the forum to send some feedback on what you like about the hub, what could be improved, your thoughts on useful features, or any other ideas about how the hub and network could work for you, particularly working in these challenging Covid-19, online times.

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