Help inform the Unlocking Landscapes Network and map people’s responses to different landscapes

Sarah Bell, working with Clare Hickman of Newcastle University, won funding from the AHRC for a Unlocking Landscapes Network. They are now seeking your input. They are asking people from across the UK to help capture varied meanings and experiences of ‘landscape‘.

Sarah and Clare are inviting contributions which could include short stories, poems, sketches, photos, videos or soundscapes, or other creative approaches. For more information on how to submit visit the Sensing Nature blog. They hope to use the pieces to inform the network, to map people’s responses to various landscapes, and understand how these might be shaped by diverse sensory, cultural and historical values. Subject to author permission, they may share a collection of these pieces online.

The term ‘landscape’ can be interpreted in any way that’s appropriate to you; it might include the sensations that envelop you as you open a window or step outside the front door, or perhaps a more expansive encounter further afield.

One or more of the following questions might help when crafting your response: What is landscape to you? How do landscapes hold you? How do they speak to you? What stories do your landscapes tell? What are your hopes for future landscapes? What do these futures mean for human and biodiversity?

If you would like to make a submission or find out more about the process, please email Sarah Bell on or visit the Sensing Nature blog.

The initiative is part of the Unlocking Landscapes Network: History, Culture and Sensory Diversity in Landscape Use and Decision Making, a two-year project which aims to explore the many ways in which landscapes become meaningful to diverse individuals and groups; through their senses, personal memories and shared histories.

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