New paper: Blue space, health and wellbeing and the role of different types of physical activity

Our colleague Tytti Pasanen from Tampere University in Finland, working with members of the Beyond Greenspace team, has published a new paper on the linkages between bluespace and health and wellbeing. The team also investigated the role that different types of physical activity may play in the relationships.

20150828_162917 (2).jpg

Using data from the Health Survey for England (n = 21,097) they found that adults who live close to coastal areas tend to be happier and healthier than similar individuals inland, in part because they engage in more outdoor physical activity such as walking. Tytti showed that people living within 5km of the coast reported, on average, undertaking 20–56 min more of weekly moderate-intensity walking compared to those further inland.

The team also found a positive connection between residential freshwater coverage and mental health. However, and in contrast to much of our previous work, no associations were found with exposure to greenspace.

Pasanen, Tytti P., et al. “Neighbourhood blue space, health and wellbeing: The mediating role of different types of physical activity.” Environment International 131 (2019): 105016.

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